About us

Our mission is to encourage the development of our clients in the area of career and personal development, by providing them high quality solutions.

The values which we encourage are: the development, the parthership, the professionalism, the responsibility and the positive attitude.

What distinguishes us is the professional knowledge, around with expert communication skills and general perfectionism while in action.

We are business practicians, certified coaches and experts in various fields. What joined us into the team, was passion for working with people in the area of:

  • supporting the development of personal and business targets
  • stimulation of the motivation
  • accompanying in the conscious process of changing
  • sharing the knowledge and the experience

Our team

Agnieszka Grzelak-Chodak

business and personal development trainer, certified coach, certified Project Manager, owner of the company

an economist by background. For about 12 years I was developing my experience on the various job positions, starting from being sales representative, ending with the management positions. I was also a manager of a plenty of projects. It gave me a possibility to watch people behaviour - their abilities to communicate, work together in a team, deal with the stress and much other valuable soft skills. I saw and experienced which approaches do really work and which doesn't. During this time I had mentors, from which I was able to take pattern. But also people whose failures were very valuable for the future. For the whole time I'm increasing the level of my knowledge and skills, because as life wisdom says: „...who is not developing himself - will stand in the same place, who is improving his skills - goes forward..."

Ewa Jabłońska-Grzelak

company attorney, trainer, quality management system specialist (ISO 9001)

Ph.D. with about 30 years of experience on managerial positions, including 15 years of the experience in project management. For the whole time I'm improving my competences in the field of management of the company, especially human resources, quality and OSH. I'm a proactive person, which consistently pursues its objectives. Passing my knowledge to the others during the training sessions, I derive a lot of satisfaction from the ability of sharing my experience with others. Simultaneously, I'm also learning something new from the participants. People and their will of self development is the key to success in the business. For that reason I identify myself with words of Joe Girard: „The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.”

Małgorzata Świstak

educationalist, career counselor, social skills and vocational activation programs trainer, certified coach

I support people in their development, prepare them for changes, entering the labor market. I provide training sessions in the area of interpersonal communication, creativity and cooperation in a team. My experience was built upon working with various social and vocational groups. The aim is to help people discover their potential - the personal one, as well as the one related to the career. I belive that „to want is to be able”. I'm trying to keep positive attitude to the world, people and the future. Regarding my private life - I'm a mother of two adult children. During my free time, I take care of my flower garden.

Grażyna Zarzeczna

trainer, certified coach

my career was highly related to business environment. In the international corporation, I had learned to be responsible for my business. Working on a managerial position, I also had had learned that the potential is mostly inside the people concerned in the project. Now I'm sharing my knowledge and experience by providing training sessions for KIP company. I'm constantly trying to develop myself and find new solutions, keeping in mind the words of Albert Einstein: „Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Magdalena Falkowska

business and personal development trainer, certified coach

the experience that I've gained during many years spent working in transport industry as a manager, made me to belive that the highest potential and the force of the company is it's team and the people working in it. It's all about people building the brand and thanks to them, you are able to get the progress, which is a very important thing for every entrepreneur. In my private life, as well as in my career, I'm focused on changes and diversity. My advantage is that I'm able to break the schemes, encouraging the creativity instead. I apply the maxim of Aleksander Wielki, that there are no impossible things, some are just heavy to carry on.

... and many, many others

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