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(at the moment available only in polish,
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With us, you achieve much more.

Paths of expertise of our trainers.

Your business

  • Management of the team of employees
  • Management based on targets
  • Conflict management
  • Project management
  • Coaching - the tool to support development of the employees
  • Sales techniques
  • Periodic health and safety training
  • and much more adjusted to your business needs

Training in soft skills

  • Cooperation in a group
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Management of yourself in time
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Public speech
  • Autopresentation
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Conflict solving


Training for teachers

  • Active methods of working with a group
  • Understand the class
  • Learning by doing
  • Creativity in the teaching process
  • Neuroscience in didactics
  • How to effectively teach remotely
  • Developing key competences in students
  • and many more

Discover our training offer
(at the moment available only in polish,
if you have questions please contact us)

View the latest trainings

Our formula for effective training

check Awareness of the learning process

We are aware and we educate our participants that we are not able to „conquer the world” by only one training session. Learning is a process which proceeds step by step. After the analysis of your needs and goals, we will provide you the best solution.

check Study of the training needs

A few days before the training we will contact you in order to gather an information about what do you want to achieve with our training session. This knowledge helps us to adjust the excercises and the syllabus for you, in order to maximize your satisfaction.

check Consolidation of the training effects

Our practice is to send some additional materials some time after the training session, in order to allow you to consolidate your knowledge better. For some time you also have a possibility to have an additional consultation.

check High flexibility of our trainers

We are trying to get to know your most effective training style, so you will be able to better utilize the gathered knowledge and skills in your further private life and career.

check Learning by experimentation

The lecture part of the training is reduced to a required minimum. The most of the time is filled by workshops. During our training sessions you check, exprience and decide what will be the most useful in your life, by yourself.

check Activating forms of training

Our trainers use the wide range of training tools in order to stimulate your participation in training. We will not let you to participate passively.

check Size of the group

Our training sessions are carried out in groups containing from 6 to 20 people. The size of the group is strongly related to the scope of training, the planned goal and the individual needs of your company.

check One-on-one system (new!)

If for some reason you don't want to be trained in a group - it is possible to get an individual training session (just you + trainer). It is also a good method to train and prepare your employee for work very quickly. After such a training you will receive one "coaching on the job" session for free.

check Analysis of the training effectiveness

About 2-3 months after the training we will call you or email you with the survey which will be utilized for verification of the gathered knowledge and skills. It is a very valuable information for us in order to improve our training workshop for you.

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