Needing help in implementation of your goals?

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Discover your hidden potential

Coaching helps you to break your own barriers, know yourself better, discover your features and capabilities, which you did not discovered before. It builds self-confidence and helps with the relations with the surrounding.


What is impossible, will become within your reach

By recognizing your skills, abilities and talents you will be able to use your potential more effectively, as well as making more accurate decisions. You will make changes in your personal life and career without any concerns.


Motivation + action = success

Coaching is positively encouraging you to action, opening new possibilities. Your mind will be focused on searching new solutions. Realization of every target will bring positive effect.


How it is done

check It's your independent decision

The first session is the trial session (consultation) and you get it just for free. It's the great time for you to decide if this form is suitable for you, or not. 90% of the clients buy the "full plan" after the first session.

check Convenient form of work

It's all up to you. Usually our sessions are carried out on the basis of individual meeting. You also have a possibility to use the phone or Skype.

check Place and time of the session

Your preferences are the only thing that matters for us. You decide about the place and time. At the moment we are billing an additional charge for travel costs, if you don't want to meet in BiaƂystok, PL.

check Single sessions or the full plan?

It's all up to you, your preferences and the topic which you want to challenge during the session. Remember that the change is a process which do need some time.

check Length of the process

Usually coaching would last 6-8 sessions. One session is from 1 hour to one and half hour. At the very beginning one session per week, after 3 sessions in the intervals of 3-4 weeks.

check Cheaper in a plan

Buying a 4 session plan - you will always receive a disconunt. The higher plan will be, the higher discount we will apply.

check Homework

It's not that bad as it feels. The aim of the homework is to allow you to consolidate new habits in order to reach your goal. In addition to this, coach will support you between the sessions.

check Partnership relations

Mutual confidence and partnership relation is the base for our meetings on the coaching sessions.

check Time to start!

Don't wait any longer and order the session today. Every day of the postponement moves you away from your dreams and goals.

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